Licensing & Purchasing FAQ

NOTE: From 13 September 2018, Insight Discovery is only sold via Atlassian Marketplace, read more here. You need to upgrade to Insight Discovery version 2.9 to be able to use new licenses.

The deprecated Licensing & Purchasing FAQ can be found here.

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Existing customers updating to a later version of Insight Discovery

Customers that are running a version of Insight Discovery supporting host-based license (prior to v2.9) can still upgrade to later versions without additional payment. However, it's quite confusing in the UPM (Universal Plugin Manager) and here is why:

Running a version prior to 2.9 states that an update needs to be paid, you will see a message like this in the UPM:

But do not worry, if you click on "Paid update", the new version will be downloaded and installed without any payment needed. After the update you will see this screen in UPM:

This is also confusing since it says "Free trial" and "Unlicensed" since it's actually not true. You still have a valid host-based license for Insight Discovery and your license end date is respected. This is shown if you navigate to Manage add-ons -> Insight Discovery License Details. You will see a message similar to this one:

When the host-based license actually expires, you will need to purchase a new one from Atlassian marketplace. When you have done that, the UPM will behave as expected and the above page will disappear.

We've moved the pricing information and FAQs to a new location here.